Window of Hope

When respected ‘College Bound” High School Student-Athlete, Isabella Santiago, is “taken” on a mission-trip, her family and two best friends, and would-be college roommates, deal with fear, blame, and anger for the next four years while a special team of agents go underground to get answers.

This website promotes the redemptive movie by College Bound Film Production to shine the light on the hideous and injustice of Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation.


College Bound is a dramatic, thriller inspired by real events surrounding a person that was a “taken” victim as a teenager. The storyline differs from most “taken” films in that the script revolves around the lives of the loved ones struggling with the loss of a daughter and friend instead of the dungeons of slavery.

Isabella’s parents, two best friends, Angie Cartwright and Jamie Peterson, church members, teammates, and others deal with the sudden loss of someone close. The inspirational message in the story reveals how kindness, strength, and a strong faith can affect everyone that Isabella leaves behind and impacts those she meets in her journey through darkness.

“College Bound” shines a light into the murky areas of human trafficking and exposes the corruption, deep injustice, and greed involved in this so-called industry. The script is faith-friendly and manages to present a story that is suitable for young teens while engaging audiences of all ages.

“College Bound” follows multiple subplots of protagonists that share the spotlight including strong female characters that are realistically flawed, compelling, and convincingly human. 



Thank you for wanting to be involved with our College Bound Movie to help generate an awareness of the global and national fight for freedom against the hideous injustice of Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation.

We stand in faith that this film will impact human trafficking awareness, glorify Christ, and support the prevention, prosecution and protection efforts being made by governments, private companies, non-governmental organizations, and communities.

There are human rights groups, health organizations, legal rights groups, and faith communities doing amazing work. We we seek to partner with these leaders and groups in doing this faith and justice labor.

We are ramping up our production and YOU can help make all this possible.  We need supporters in all phases of this campaign from film investors to individuals, churches, clubs, businesses or interns, join forces to support this great cause!

If you want to learn more about our project or how you can be involved send us a note here.


Ainsley Ross in the Lead role of Isabella Santiago


Jeff Rose as Congressman Ted Sinclaire

Actress Doris Collier as Ella Rose Legna


Carl “The Coach” Bailey as Christian (Maverick) Boswell